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Artec Studio 15

Artec Studio 15

yearly licence
Artec Studio 15 is the pinnacle of high-tech 3D scanning solutions. With expanded functionality, it's a suite of high power professional tools faster and more intuitive than ever before.

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The only Italian retailer to have the Artec 3D Gold Partner certification. The certificate assesses the perfect knowledge of Artec 3D products and the quality of the sales service that 3DZ offers to its customers.

The new features of Artec Studio 15 – New features and improved speed and accuracy performance

3DZ_Artec Studio 15

Basic inspection functionality

Primary scan-to-CAD functionality for reverse engineering

Perfect, CGI-ready textures

New algorithms improved for speed and accuracy

New experience to boost productivity


Compare the 3D model with a CAD model

Now you can perform quick quality control tasks in Artec Studio 15 for a faster and more convenient workflow. Artec Studio 15 lets you align a scan to a CAD model, and compares the two models without leaving the program. You can make quick comparisons with a surface distance map and micron-accurate measurements of all 3D models created. For more complex processes and designs, simply export the work to any inspection software suite, such as Geomagic Control X.

CAD: import and inspection

Loading SOLIDWORKS and other CAD models for direct mesh comparison. A highly anticipated milestone for our engineering customers around the world, importing CAD objects directly into Artec Studio brings the design workflow to unprecedented levels. Now with just a few mouse clicks you can conveniently import STEP, IGES, X_T CAD formats and get to work right away.

Primitives for quality control

Sections of the mesh can be converted into primitives: spheres, cones, planes and cylinders. With these simple geometric shapes you can make extremely accurate measurements directly in Artec Studio. For example, the deviation of a surface from a plane or a hole from a cylinder or sphere.

Fastest surface distance map

An indispensable tool for metrology engineers and anyone who needs precise measurements between meshes, the Artec Studio 15 surface distance map now shows distances immediately. In addition, you can export the results of the distance map to .csv files.

Surface distance map annotations

With a Ctrl+click you can add an annotation on the distance map. The distance appears as default text.


Allows you to correctly position the model and use primitives to extract key geometric data

The workflow is accelerated by performing basic reverse engineering tasks directly in Artec Studio.

After scanning a part, you can use primitives to save key geometry data in CAD format for immediate use in SOLIDWORKS or other CAD software. For very complex parts, the mesh can be sent to Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS or Design X with a single click.

Primitives for reverse engineering

Whether you’re designing thermoformed packaging, redesigning a car’s wheel arches to fit high performance tires, or even designing a new circuit diagram with dozens of components grouped together, CAD primitives are ready to accelerate your workflow. And all this directly in Artec Studio, quickly and easily, with great time and effort savings.

Precise positioning for reverse engineering

Invited by engineers for many years, precise positioning allows the model to be placed in the global coordinate system. This indispensable functionality prepares the models for export to SOLIDWORKS and other design software.

Exporting CAD files directly to SOLIDWORKSo Geomagic Design X

Once the model is correctly positioned, primitives aligned with the scan data can be exported to STEP, IGES or X_T CAD formats and the workflow can continue in SOLIDWORKS, Geomagic Design X or other CAD software.

Sections 15 times faster

Now you can not only create sections more accurately using primitives and precise positioning; the Sections tool itself has become 15 times faster.



Grouping 3D data into folders and processing as a single drive

Artec Studio 15 presents a new way of working on scans. Creating 3D models will not only be faster and better organized, but also much easier to manage, especially when scanning large objects. Now you no longer need to work individually on each separate scan. Scans are grouped together and processed as would be the case for a single scan. All changes made to a group are immediately propagated between all scans within it.

Automatic grouping for data acquisition with Eva, Space Spider and Leo

When using Eva or Space Spider, press Start Scan and Artec Studio will automatically group all acquired data, even after restoration with automatic detection. With Leo data, all scans will be grouped by default when imported. All scans created separately, using the Add New Scan button on Leo, will be grouped separately.

Create custom groups for easy data management

You can group the drop-down menu or drag and drop scans into custom folders and also group scans according to specific sections of the object. You can even create nested groups, making your workflow even more organized and efficient.

Automatically regroups scan data and primitives

Each time a primitive adapts to a 3D model, a new group is created. This allows you to find everything in one place. Even with dozens of primitives, all the data will remain well organized, right where you need it. And every time primitives are added to multiple mergers in the workspace, each primitive will visually correspond to its respective fusion.

Easy alignment of multiple scans with one click

It is not necessary to align the scans individually. You can now align entire groups of scans together. If necessary, you can always separate them to work on individual scans.

Precise positioning and groups

Precise positioning of a grouped data set. By adding new data to the group, the new data will be automatically positioned.


Color is an essential element, which is why, with each new version, the color features of Artec Studio become even more complete and easy to use. After the success of Artec Studio 14’s Glare Reduction, the level has been raised even higher. But here are the details.

Texture transfer from model to model

Instantly clone any texture to your other models

In previous versions, each time you wanted to apply the texture to the model you had to select specific scans to indicate which texture to use. Now, if you have an existing structured model, you can select it instead of scans and its texture will then be transferred directly to your new model. This can save you a lot of time, especially when you have already spent a lot of effort modifying the texture of a model, for example using the texture correction brush in Artec Studio or using advanced tools in 3D modeling software or graphics editors. Now you can simply and easily clone the excellent ready-made texture to other models.

Improved color reproduction

Creation of templates with correct textures made easy

With this step-reducing feature, all unwanted colors in the background behind the object are automatically eliminated, without having to manually predefine the application area. Simply adjust the suppression level slider and start the function. Artec Studio’s refined algorithm ingeniously searches multiple scans for the correct color to replace. This function is very similar to glare reduction and is the next step towards achieving perfect textures.

Smart Scan for Micro

Create 3D models in half the time using Artec Micro’s new intelligent scanning mode

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